Mother Committed Suicide after Death of Her Son Who Was a Volunteer Fighter at the Donetsk Airport. PHOTO

Oleksii Tyshchik defended the Donetsk airport in the consolidated company of the 93rd brigade. There he died on September 28.

Censor.NET editor-in-chief writes about this on his Facebook page.


"A young man on the right is one of Ukraine's many heroes: Oleksii Tyshchik, a soldier of the 93rd Dniproterovsk mechanized brigade, a lawyer, a volunteer fighter, 30 years old. In the 93rd brigade he was defending the Donetsk airport.
Everyone who was afraid have fled, and they were the best and most brave, so they stayed, including Oleksii. Because they care not only of themselves... On September 28 at the height of the "ceasefire", our APC received a direct hit by a tank shell and flashed like a candle during the attack of the Russian troops... It was impossible to save Oleksii...

On the left is his mother, the Dnipropetrovsk appeals court judge Iryna Tyshchik. She never tried to get her son out of his military duty, and he never asked her to do so, saying that he was safe.

On September 28, the APC in which Oleksiy was had a direct hit from a Russian shell and went up in flames. Oleksiy did not make it.

On September 30, Iryna Tyshchik killed herself.

Now it's 6 am and I can't sleep, I have to write about it, but it's hard to find words for this. They are nor "fascists" or "banderites" or "Right Sector" guys. The intelligent family of Russian speakers. Now the family does not exist any more. They died because the paranoid man in the Kremlin wanted to play a strategic game, to launch a war and to kill thousands of people.

I write about them because these victims make us obliged to change everything. It is our obligation to fight to the end. It is our commitment to clear Ukraine from scoundrels who tortured her, and build the state, in which we will not be ashamed to look into eyes of those who have given the best and most precious for our future," Butusov wrote.

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