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 Who Hit the Bus in Donetsk? PHOTOFACT

Journalists and bloggers have investigated who destroyed the bus and school in Donetsk.

A well-known Donetsk blogger frankensstein and Donbas News newspaper have published the results of their investigation, Censor.NET reports.

"Today a shell hit a minibus at Kyiv Avenue in Donetsk, killing 6 people at once. However, this time there were clues on the site of the explosion that allow understanding from which side the shelling was conducted from. Russian media said that the shelling was carried out by the Ukrainian military from the airport territory, however, this lie is refuted by the projectile's angle of entry into the asphalt surface of the street," the blogger writes.

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"Any Donetsk resident understands that the airport, where the Ukrainian military are deployed, is situated on the opposite side. The projectile flew from the south-west of Donetsk - from the Tekstylnyk or Petrivka districts (approximately 20 kilometers from the explosion epicenter). These areas are under the DPR insurgents' control," he said.

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"The Ukrainian armed forces do not attack and do not try to lead an assault on Donetsk, but the DPR militants continue storming the airport for several days already. The responsibility for cease-fire violation, the attacks and casualties in this case bears the DPR party," the blogger concluded.

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донецк обстрел

Photos of Donbas News

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