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 Widow of Russian Officer Zakhar Timin Killed in Ukraine: "Our Government Is Guilty of His Death - He Was not a Volunteer." PHOTOS

Russian career officer Zakhar Timin died in the Donbas. According to his wife, he went to Ukraine following an order but not voluntarily.

"He was a regular officer. He was not a volunteer. He was just following orders as there was no other choice you know. Zakhar served in the military base #27777 in Chechnya. He recently was promoted to lieutenant," wife of the murdered Russian military Irina said in an interview to Novaya Gazeta, Censor.NET informs.

"It all started when I suddenly got an SMS from him on the night of July 24 saying that they were going to Rostov. Later he said by the phone that he did not sleep all night long because they were packing their things before the trip. It was so unexpected that he still did not understand what happened and where they were going. I think that he might knew something but, as he was prohibited to say about it - he talked round corners. I was very worried first. But then, on arrival, he reassured me, saying that everything was fine. He then disappeared for three days. And after that, when he was in touch again, he said it was not possible to charge the phone, because there were no electricity in the camp. I was surprised by his answer, but I did not give much attention to it at that moment. Last time he called me on August 11. Then he said that he will again not be able to recharge the phone and that he does not know at all when he will be able to establish connection next time," she added.



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"I found that my husband died on August 16. But he was already dead on the 13th. I immediately understood where it happened. He was buried on the 8th day after his death. A Major from the recruiting office came to me on August 16 and said that he had sad news, that my husband was killed in the line of duty. I just did not hear what he was saying after that. They let us to say final goodbye to him. He was brought in a zinc coffin. There was a window. But we decided to open the coffin. We had him fixed in the morgue, because his eyes and his mouth were open. A horror and startle were in his eyes. I do not know why, but they even spared themselves from fixing his face in the Rostov morgue. So we did it in our morgue in Bugulma," added the spouse of the deceased officer.

After Zakhar's death news producer Kristina Gershvild from the Russian NTV TV channel got in touch with Irina.

"We are preparing a story about the Ukrainian media lies. We have stumbled upon quite scary cases when people were declared prisoners, for example, being actually home safe and sound. Are you Zakhar Timin's wife? You have a similar case, I am sorry in advance if something is incorrect. Making the story, we communicate with people who were belied in such a way," wrote Gershvild to Irina.

"I would have helped you if it would be the story of the Russian mass media lies, said Irina. What is that similar case that happened to me, you mentioned? You must have confused me with someone. My husband died, and he died because of our government's fault."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p305117