Soldiers of the 76th airborne division killed in Ukraine were buried in Pskov. PHOTOS

Pskovskaya Guberniya medium published photos from private funerals of local paratroopers killed under unknown circumstances.

Censor.NET informs with reference to Slon.

A correspondent from Pskovskaya Guberniya managed to find two fresh graves with wreaths from Pskov airborne units on a cemetery outskirt in Vybuty. One of the graves is of Leonid Kichatkin, whose death was reported on the internet yesterday. Despite that fact, journalists who managed to reach a nu,ber left in VKontakte social network by Leonid's wife Oksana, were told that Kichatkin was alive.

армия похороны вдв рф десант псков

The other grave is that of Alexander Osipov.

армия похороны вдв рф десант псков

On the Vkontakte page of Alexander Osipov from Pskov, who serves in airborne forces, there is an image of a medal "For the return of Crimea" among his photos.

армия похороны вдв рф десант псков

A few local sources previously reported funeral of soldiers from Pskov airborne troops in the village of Vybuty near Pskov in the morning of Aug. 25. One of them managed to get into a church during a religious funeral ceremony. In a farewell speech, only their names were mentioned without reference to date and circumstances of death. The ceremony was guarded by police; strangers were not allowed in. in Vybuty, there are the Church of Elijah the Prophet and a small cemetery of the XV century. Nearby, on the southern outskirts of Pskov, the 76th Chernihiv airborne division is based.

The church was surrounded by the military. Two buses and a dozen cars were around. Cars kept arriving, including a large truck covered with tarpaulin, driven by a military. Later came a minivan of funeral service. By this time, there was one coffin in the church. Military guard of honor and relatives stood next to it.

The funeral service has not yet started, but it was unsafe to be around. People in uniform tried to reveal strangers. Seems like they partially succeeded. An unsuitable situation for a final farewell happened: blows, threats, attempt of search, etc. A policeman had to eventually intervene. In the meantime, farewell ceremony began. Cars with military continued to arrive by the bumpy dirt road.

In the afternoon, two fresh graves appeared at the village cemetery edge. The second time we arrived to the cemetery after 4:00 p.m. and were not able to immediately find the graves. Locals suggested to go back to a big green dumpster. It is a landmark". In 50 meters from the dumpster, we found two new graves really quickly. One of them had a large wooden cross with a plaque: "Leonid Y. Kichatkin, 30.09.1984 - 19.08.2014 ". Name, surname and patronymic coincided with that written in the evening list. Below, among wreaths and flowers, there was a photograph of a man in military uniform.

It was the same man whose pictures were on the page in the Vkontakte social network - until they disappeared. Another grave nearby had the same cross, but without a photo. A black plaque with golden letters read: "Alexander S. Osipov, 15.12.1993 - 20.08.2014." A mourning ribbon on a wreath had an inscription: "From the airborne forces staff, 104th airborne regiment".
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