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 Russia Destroys Ukrainian Tanks and Aircrafts Using the Latest Pantsyr and Hermes Missiles. PHOTOS

A lot of different military equipment was used in fighting in eastern Ukraine. These were all relishes of the Soviet Union age equipment. But, like any war, it also became a testing ground for modern weapons.

Thus interesting pictures were found on the social network account of one of the terrorists - a separated first stage of a 95Я6 missile used in a Pantsyr anti-aircraft missile and artillery system and in Hermes"/"Klevok" high-precision missile system, blogger Andrei-bt writes, Censor.NET reports.

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"Now the situation with high precision terrorists' strikes becomes clearer especially one concerning a very strange nature of the damage inflicted to the Ukrainian T-64BM Bulat tank that was hit near the Luhansk airport," the blogger writes. "The disruptions of the tank and their nature (the damage of the caterpillar belt above and below), considerable damage of the plate above track may indicate the hit by precision-guided munitions (With 28 kg warhead depicted above). But it's still just a version, only the use of 95Я6 missiles has been proven."

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This is how it looks at the example of the western ammunition.

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