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 Customs Clearance of Putin’s Cargo Has Not Begun Yet. The Convoy Is Almost Empty. PHOTOS

The customs processing of the humanitarian aid from Russia can’t be started because the Ukrainian border guards and customs officers were not submitted with the necessary documents.

ATO spokesman Oleksii Dmytrashkivskyi said this to Ukrainian Pravda.

"59 people moved to conduct customs processing, including 41 border guards and 18 customs officers. But the clearance has not yet begun because the Russian side still has not provided the documents from the Red Cross confirming that it is actually a humanitarian aid," Dmytrashkivskyi said.

The Ukrainian team of border guards and customs officers was to begin the process of verification and admittance of the humanitarian goods at the border crossing point Donetsk of the Russian Federation at 10 o'clock, which was agreed by the Ukrainian and Russian sides. The cargo should be taken to Luhansk.

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Dmytrashkivskyi could not answer earlier whether the goods will be delivered through the territory of Ukraine in the same trucks or will be loaded to the Red Cross trucks, as it was stated earlier.

"I can tell you this after the cargo will be inspected. And after the decision is made, it will be implemented," Dmytrashkivskyi said.

Journalists were shown the contents of the vehicles, which were allegedly carrying the humanitarian aid. Reporters in social networks note that many trucks are almost empty.

Financial Times journalist Courtney Weaver posted on Twitter a photo of the contents of one of the KamAZ trucks with the "aid" to the people of Donbas.

"I should check out more of the convoy trucks this morning. Most of them are empty, like this one," she wrote.

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