Entire World Mourns Death of Boeing 777 Passengers. PHOTOS

The whole planet bewails the death of the passengers of the Malaysian Boeing, which was shot down by terrorists. There were 298 passengers of that fatal flight. Each of them was related to someone, each has one’s own destiny, one’s own story.

Novaya Gazeta publishes portraits of passengers of the Boeing downed in the Donetsk region.


John Alder and Liam Sweeney, United Kingdom

John Alder and Liam Sweeney were fans of the British soccer club Newcastle United. They were flying to New Zealand to support their team.


Frankie and Liam Davison, Australia

Davisons lived on the Mornington Peninsula, near Melbourne. They have got two children: a boy Sam and a girl Millie. Liam Davison was a writer nominated for several literary awards. His wife Frankie was working as a teacher of literature in college for 28 years.


Nick Norris, Otis Maslin, Evie Maslin, Mo Maslin, Australia

Nick Norris was managing director of a small company in Perth. He was fond of seafaring. Nick Norris was returned from Europe together with his three grandchildren: Otis (8 years), Evie (10 years) and Mo (12 years).

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Elaine Teoh and Emiel Mahler, Australia

Elaine and Emiel lived together in Melbourne. They both were financiers and both were 27 years old.


Karlijn Keijzer, Netherlands

Carlin was a doctoral student at the Faculty of Chemistry at Indiana University. She was 25. She was fond of boating and participated in two junior European championships in 2006 and 2007.


Regis Crolla, Netherlands

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The last photo he made was Netherlands passport with two landing tickets: from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur and back. The young man flew connecting flights to Bali judging of the signature to a photo.

Paul Weeks, Australia

Paul Wicks was 38-year-old father of two children who moved from New Zealand to the Australian city of Perth after the earthquake in Christchurch. He was flying to Mongolia where he received a new job in the mining industry.


Roger and Jill Guard, Australia

The Australian was just retired specialist in pathology. They lived with his wife in the town of Toowoomba in Queensland (Australia).


Helena Sidelik, Australia

Helena Sidelik was 50-year-old resident of the Australian Gold Coast. She was flying from Amsterdam home from the wedding of her friends. She wrote before the departure: "It was the best holiday in my life."

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Richard Mayne, United Kingdom

20-year-old Richard Mayne from Leicester studied mathematics and finance. British newspaper The Independent talked to his father, who said that Richard have chosen this flight no accidentally. he needed a transfer during the way due to diabetes.


Tambi Jiee, Malaysia

Tambi was an employee of Shell. He was flying with his wife and children. Before the flight, his wife Ariza has posted a photo with the caption: "We begin a new year, a new life."

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Cor Schilder, Netherlands

Cor was flying on vacation. He took a photo of the Malaysian airlines aircraft and joked that if the plane is lost the people will know what it looked like at least.


Wan Amran Bin Wan Hussin and Eugene Choo Jin Leong, Malaysia

Wan Amran was 50-year-old captain of the aircraft. He was considered to be one of the most experienced pilots in the airline.


Joep Lange, Netherlands

Jupe Lange was a professor at the University of Amsterdam, the famous Dutch scientist who specializes in the study of HIV. He headed the international AIDS society from 2002 to 2004.

Irene Gunawan, Sherryl Shania Gunawan, Darryl Dwight Gunawan, Philippines

Irene Gunawan with her 15 years old daughter Cheryl and 20 years old son Darryl was flying through Malaysia to the Philippines from Amsterdam, where the family lived in recent years. On board the plane was also the husband of Irene Bujanto Gunawan, the citizen of Indonesia. Irene sent SMS to her sister before departing saying that she loves her.

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Quinn Lucas Schansman, USA

Quinn was the only U.S. citizen flying on board the aircraft. According to his page on Facebook he studied in Amsterdam International Business School.


Andrei Anghel, Canada

Andrei was born in Ontario but studied in Romania on the physician. He was 24 years old. He was flying to Bali where he planned to spend holidays.


A resident of the Netherlands Hans de Borst, the father of 17-year Elsemik de Borst who died in the downed Boeing-777, wrote a letter in which he appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin and leaders of the terrorists with the words: "Thank you so much for the murder of my beloved and only daughter . "

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The girl's father posted this letter on Facebook along with her photograph.

"She was 17 years old. She wanted to be an architect. I hope that mentioned gentlemen are proud that they have killed young life and that they can look in the mirror tomorrow again," the Dutchman writes

"I hope that this message will get to you. May be it will be in English and you, being an how intelligent people, could read it. Thanks again. With my best regards, Elsemik's father, Hans de Borst, whose life is ruined," de Borst writes.

This letter sparked a massive public's outcry. One of the comments says: "I wonder if Putin will be so lovingly looking if separatists in Foorschoten (town near The Hague. - Comm. Ed.) took his daughter's life who lives there."

Photos by: Novaya Gazeta

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