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 Terrorist Attempted to Blow Away the Leaders of Ukrainian Defense Ministry in Sloviansk. PHOTO

On July 5 when our reconnaissance groups entered Sloviansk. Almost at the same time came Minister of Defense Valerii Heletei together with a group of generals and officers.

This is reported by Censor.NET editor-in-chief Yurii Butusov.

"Censor.NET correspondent witnessed these events. Sloviansk was not swept completely. Girkin's gang fled in great haste - they abandoned huge stockpiles of weapons and ammunition, and Geletei came to look at the Town Council building, at the grenade launchers and MANPADS being carried out of it. There were shootings in the city - the militants forgot to notify all their comrades and simply abandoned a few dozen of them. Heletei was in a group of about 70 soldiers. Everything happened very quickly, "Grenade!" "Get down!" "Take him alive!" and then shots. Grenadier with RPG-18 Mukha (Fly) ran out of hiding to get a clear shot. The Fly was cocked, his finger was on the trigger - he was overtaken by a split second. Geletei and those accompanying him fell to the ground. Several soldiers opened fire at the grenadier. It is unknown who got him. The terrorist was taken down and did not have time to shoot - he had 4-5 bullets in him. Heletei and our group were saved by the high professionalism and reaction of the protection team. They say it was an army special forces guys. I hope they will be awarded because they have saved many lives.

Here is a photo of the deceased. Who is he? Some mercenary who decided to remain anonymous. The body smelled strongly of alcohol. The locals have not identified him, and say that he is definitely not from Sloviansk. Why did he come here to kill people?" Butusov summed up.



Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p293047