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 "He Alone is Worth of Hundreds, and his Group Worth an Army". How to Help Anonymous Heroes on the Frontlines. PHOTOS+VIDEO

Activist Yurii Biriukov tells of the heroic Ukrainian army Major who protects the territorial integrity of the country in the heart of the ATO. He preserved his anonimity due to obvious reasons.

"How should one write about a man or how should one describe him if one can say nothing? If his face may not be shown, his designator may not be named and you can not tell about half of his deeds. It's too dangerous now. But we still can tell that there is a decree number 570/2014 on the website of the President of Ukraine which contains a concise line:

For personal courage and heroism in protection of the state sovereignty of Ukraine, the territorial integrity of the country and fidelity to the military oath decree I hereby order to decorate Major MIRHORODSKII Maxim Vіktorovych by the Order of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi of the III stage.

He is now the Knight of the Order of Bohdan Khmelnitskyi. I'm proud to be acquainted to this Man. He alone is worth of hundreds, and his group stands an army. He broke through concreted roadblocks with battles. He called me asking for flags for newly liberated towns. He's one of those who forced scum to flee from Sloviansk when they understood who was coming for their souls. I'll carry loads for him to the front line, will break through his "built in super-modesty-mode" eliciting current needs of his detachment and I will find everything that he and his people require. A uniform? Helmets? Coffee? Videorecorders? Food? Water? Here you are! I'll return to him at the end of the week," said the activist providing the details to help law enforcement officers on the frontline.



The 79th Mykolaiv Airborne Brigade

Coordinator: Yurii Biriukov https://www.facebook.com/yuri.biriukov

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