"Cargo 200" arrived from Luhansk to the Saratov region. PHOTOS

June 19, Balashov, Russia. Funeral ceremony for invader soldier Igor Yefimov was held. He died in Ukraine in a battle near Luhansk.

This was announced by blogger avmalgin on LiveJournal, Censor.NET reports.

"Someone has been assuring me recently that as soon as Russians start receiving coffins from Ukraine, people will open their eyes immediately. That's stupid. They won't," the blogger notes.

He also cites an article on the mercenary's funeral, full of pathos and praises, by one of the local newspapers. The medium praises the gunman, who went to a neighboring state to kill people, as a "hero": "Igor was a very kind person. Everyone loved him. He was a car mechanic and helped everyone with this... Igor was a very honest person and he could not stand aside when the brotherly people were in trouble... If the Southeast is defeated, "Maidan" can happen in Russia, and he didn't want it. We are burying our national hero. He died for us, for our children and grandchildren." At the same time, the funeral images show lots of local deputies who are promoting themselves with what's happening.

"Indeed, the Russian propaganda has no sense of moderation and is ready to call terrorists "heroes" and sing odes to killers of people. And Russians, most of all, do not mind joining in that song," the blogger wrote.

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