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 Putin Awarded Bikers, Criminals, and Defilers of the Church for the Seizure of Crimea. PHOTOS

There are bikers, soccer fans, nationalists and people wanted by police as well as those who have criminal records among the Russians whom Putin secretly awarded for the annexation of the Crimea.

The list became available for of the Russian Novaya Gazeta, Censor.NET reports.

"Among those who received state awards, we found prominent members of Yedinaya Rossiya (United Russia) Party, bikers, soccer fans, nationalists and people with violent criminal past. Moreover, one of the awarded is on probation and he recently made an armed raid on an orthodox church, while the other is listed in the federal wanted list," the newspaper writes, noting that the decrees about the awarding have never not been officially published.

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Group of volunteers from the suburbs of Moscow. Crimea, Spring 2014

There was three award ceremonies "for the Crimea": on March 25 high officials were awarded with medals; on March 26 - prominent members of the Yedinaya Rossiya (United Russia) Party and Patrioty Rossii (Patriots of Russia); and on March 31 the list of Russian Union of Afghan Veterans received awards.

One of the owners of the presidential "Pochetnaya gramota" ("Diploma") was Feliks Chernyakhovskiy (Black Raven), biker from the pro-Kremlin bikers club "Night Wolves". According to the criminal case, Chernyakhovskiy's Hammer was captured on surveillance cameras on October 19, 2012 in Zelenograd during the attack of "Night Wolves" bikers on the "Three Roads" biker's club location. The fight ended up with fire: one of the "Wolves" Valeriy Roditelev (White) from Sevastopol was killed, and another "wolf" Aleksey Yaroshevich was injured.

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During the ceremony

Among the winners for a "special turn" in Crimea there are were characters with violent criminal biography. One of them is a villager from Velikoye Gryzlovo (the Serpukhov district) Denis Podymkin. When the 26-year-old "veteran" was handed the "Diploma" in the Kremlin, he already was on probation for a brutal beating of a man and was accused in a criminal case of an armed attack on a Moscow cathedral.

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Denis Podymkin in a cage in the court and in Crimea

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Director of Priokskiy Reserve Andrew Ivonin (60-year-old) also received "gratitude of the Russian President" for the events in Crimea. According to some reports, former paratrooper Ivonin commanded the group that seized the building of the Simferopol City Council (Podymkin was in his squad).

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Andrew Ivonin is wanted. The police asked to print his photo in newspapers.

However, it remains a mystery how Ivonin could easily come to receive the award: the director of the reserve is in the federal wanted list "for embezzlement of a large scale, using his official position, and abuse of authority."

Roman Hoper from Moscow, member of Ivonin's squad, in 2004 appeared in a case of shoplifting.

In the list of the awarded there is also Viktor Keller who was a representative of Russian Union of Afghan Veterans in theabove-mentioned trial of "Night Wolves".

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Viktor Keller

It is unknown what so particular Keller has done in Crimea. But there is an interesting fact from his biography: On June 11, 2004, Keller with his fellowman of Pyatigorsk and a women from Muscow raided an apartment of a VGTRK top manager and stole a collection of antique jewelry from the XVIII century that cost 21 million rubles. The court sentenced the "burglar" was to eight years in prison, but after 4 years he was released on parole.

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Before leaving for Crimea

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