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 Activists in Difficult Conditions Produce Water for Troops on Karachun Mountain near Sloviansk. PHOTOS

Activists came to rescue Ukrainian soldiers on Mount Karachun near Sloviansk – they managed to provide them with water supply in the difficult conditions.

Censor.NET reports that SOS Army activist Yurii Kasianov wrote on his Facebook page: "Water on Karachun. We were told that it was impossible, since there has been no water there for years. Nobody wanted to go there to drill because there's shooting and bombing. But we still took a chance ... We found brave and crazy guys from Kharkiv company Aquatoria and went up under combat security of brave paratroopers of the 95th Brigade.

They drilled the ground for four days. Under mortar fire, suffering from the heat and being drenched in the pouring rain. They ate soldier's porridge and slept in shelters ... There was heavy soil, lots of rocks and interstices and caves ... No one believed in the success but activists and drillers themselves, when suddenly ... there was water!

What does water mean for our guys on Karachun? .. - It is life, safety, and health. In the most literal sense - there is no longer a need to go to fetch water every day through the dangerous zone covered by the militants's fire. Before this, the soldiers collected rainwater and strained technical water through gas masks ... bottled water was delivered by helicopters ... Now they can get plenty to drink and even have a bath day ... The war will be over but the water will remain."

The journalist also stressed on the roles: "The idea belongs to Myroslav Gai. The realization - to ARMY SOS. It was done by Aquatoria company."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p289341