FSB Special Forces members had been killed in Donetsk and buried near Moscow; Russian media keep silence. PHOTO

At least three Russian citizens, originally from the Moscow suburbs, have been killed in Ukraine. One of them was a member of the political party “Edinaya Rossiia” (United Russia), resident of the Russian city Elektrogorsk Sergey Zhdanovich.

The Russians killed in Donetsk were buried in the Greater Moscow area without public attention, Censor.NET reports citing Echo of Moscow.

Secretary to the regional cell of the Communist Party of Russia Evgeniy Babin, who knew Zhdanovich, told the medium that Zhdanovich went to Donetsk city by his own will after active socialization with members of a related group within social network "Odnoklassniky". A funeral of Zhdanovich took place yesterday with participation of the members of "Combat brotherhood" movement, Babin said.

рф боевики

Russians who fought as part of the 'DRP' and were killed near Donetsk.

рф боевики

Alexei Yurin, Russian special forces member, who fought as part of the 'DPR' near Donetsk and was killed.

Babin added that Zhdanovich had headed the Elektrogorsk cell of the "Combat brotherhood" movement for several years, and had worked for the Noginsk town cell of the movement. Moreover, Zhdanovich had served in Chechnya.

Social media speak of at least three Russians killed in Ukraine. They all are from the Greater Moscow area, aged between 20 and 48.

Another terrorist Alexey Yurin, member of the Russian Special Forces, fought for self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic and was killed when fighting for the Donetsk airport. His death was confirmed by Violetta Griboedova, VKontakte social network user. She wrote that Yurin was a resident of Russian city of Mozhaisk, near Moscow.

Russian newspaper Novaya gazeta has also written about the Russians fallen in Donetsk. According to the medium, at least 30 Russians fighting for terrorists have been killed in combat for the Donetsk airport. Novaya gazeta has sent requests to Russian authorities: Main Prosecution Service, Investigation Committee, and Border Guard Service of FSB. The medium demanded to investigate reasons and circumstances of death of the Russian citizens in the combat zone in Ukraine.

The third fallen Russian is A.Efremov, as announced by deputy Editor-in-Chief to Echo of Moscow Vladimir Varfolomeev on his Facebook page.

"In spring, all three somehow came to the neighboring country, fought against antigovernment forces and were killed in Donetsk in late May," the journalist wrote.

According to him, "officially, no information has been revealed".

"The most interesting fact is the silence of the official Russian media, those that glorify everyone who has been fighting against "Kyiv fascist junta" over the past few months. State television channels, government newspapers and magazines, as well as tabloids are silent about those who have fallen, as if it was a state top secret. They have not said a word about people they must glorify as brave fighters who have fallen while saving peaceful people and advancing "Russkiy Mir" (Russian World). In reality, they said nothing, as if these people never existed," Varfolomeev said.

Varfolomeev assumes that this is an old and effective tactic of "taking chestnuts from the fire with somebody else's hands".

"Propaganda in Russian media triggered patriotic feelings of some Russian citizens and obligation to fulfill their international duty… While they in Ukraine have been capturing administrations and hitting helicopters, Russia's government pushed official Kyiv, sold gas, traded with the West, in other words, solved its own political and financial tasks. Afterwards, the old, universal, proven formula has been used: "We did not send your son to Ukraine (Afghanistan, Chechnya…)," Varfolomeev stated.

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