Terrorists in the East are armed with weapons used by Russian elite special services - Avakov. PHOTOS

Minister of Interior Arsen Avakov and National Guard Commander Stepan Poltotak have demonstrated weapons seized during the anti-terrorist operation in Sloviansk.

Censor.net reports referring to the Ministry of Interior press service.

" During a combat with a large terrorist group, conducted as part of the special operation in Sloviansk, weapons were seized. Russian special forces weapons," Avakov noted.

National Guard Commander Stepan Poltorak explained that sights installed on machine guns seized during the ATO were not in use in Ukraine. "This sight is of the most recent generation. Such machine guns and sights are used specifically by special forces units. And this proves that representatives of another country participate in special operations... These weapons are obviously not taken from storage, they have been used in several battles," Poltorak said.

Avakov also demonstrated a 12.7-mm bullet used in sniper rifle. "Such weapon is used by special force units. And, by far, not by all of them - by elite units only, performing serious tasks. This bullet is a 'political' evidence, which finally proves presence of foreign troops and saboteurs here. More exactly - of the Russian Federation," the Minister of Interior stressed.



Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p284619