Ukraine's Security Services intercepted possible scenario of separation of the Luhansk region. DOCUMENT

Ukrainian journalists received documents about preparation to separation of the eastern Luhansk oblast of Ukraine. These are plans of Russian political consultants which were intercepted by the Ukrainian security services.

The scenario provides for proclamation of the independent state within the administrative borders of the Luhansk region after a referendum, which should be conducted on May 11. Then, according to the plan, the quasi-state should join either Ukraine, or Russia, but under new conditions, Ukrainska Pravda reports.

However, it seems that not every element of the road map will be implemented. Either the separatists eased their way to independence, or the so-called May 11 referendum will be re-scheduled.

референдум луганск

The key stage of the intercepted scenario is declaration of the Luhansk regional council illegal with setting up separatists' own authority instead, which then will adopt acts of independence.

Meanwhile, the website of still functional regional council published a statement which supports the May 11 referendum.

Given this, the fate of the present regional council is still unclear, for the step-by-step instruction recommends declaring distrust to governor and members of the regional council.

The reason is outlined in text of the draft resolution prepared by scenario authors. "Inhabitants of the Luhansk region many times called to members of the Luhansk regional council, gathered on streets in protests, expressing their concerns regarding illegal takeover in Ukraine... But the council members elected by us, the people of the Luhansk region, ignored legal demands of the people and removed themselves from duties."

референдум луганск


Only Russian press and local TV station shall be allowed to cover the planned takeover of the Luhansk regional council.

Ideological framework of the planned takeover in Luhansk is fully in context of the Russian propaganda. "For a long time inhabitants of the Luhansk region feel real threat to existence of national traditions and culture... They are specifically concerned over open signs of Fascism, Nazism around all the territory of Ukraine. Such signs started appearing in the Luhansk region as well, so inhabitants of the region are concerned about it."

Therefore, according to the plan, after removing the legitimacy of the regional council, the special local councils' sessions should be conducted to choose delegates to the session of new regional authorities.

Thus, it's a plan to setup an alternative governing body in the region, Council of the local communities' representatives, with illusion that it is legitimate. The council will gather in the hall of the present regional council under media coverage of Russian press and local TV.

As the plan goes, the self-proclaimed representatives should:

1. Declare that new members of the regional council have been elected. This is a key demand, for all next moves regarding the region's separation should be done by this new illegal council.

2. Elect new head of the council and governor.

3. Adopt Declaration of Creation of the Luhansk People's Republic and announce Act of Sovereignty of the Luhansk People's Republic as the new regional council. Scenario authors have already designed drafts of such documents.

4. Set up the final date of the referendum, which was previously scheduled for May 11.
Moreover, the self-proclaimed Council of representatives of local communities should ask Russian authorities "to send peacekeepers to the territory of so-called Luhansk People's Republic to guarantee security of local people and secure the referendum."

In its 'Declaration on Sovereignty,' the new council should refer to Kosovo case and right of nations for self-determination. In the draft, authors emphasize that "any power action against national sovereignty of the Luhansk People's Republic by other states, political parties, civil organizations, formations or persons will be persecuted according to the law."

"The territory of the Luhansk People's Republic within its present borders is untouchable and can't be changed or used without its consent."

Also in 'Declaration on Sovereignty' separatists announce that since now only people of the Luhansk People's Republic has an exclusive right to posses, use and dispose national wealth of the Republic.

"Relations of the Luhansk People's Republic with other states are based on agreements signed in accordance to principles of equality, mutual respect, and norms of international law."

The scenario authors designed questions for referendum as well:

1. Do you support Act of Declaration on Independence of the Luhansk People's Republic?

2. Do you not support Act of Declaration on Independence of the Luhansk People's Republic?

3. Do you want the Luhansk People's Republic to be a part of Ukraine?

4. Do you want the Luhansk People's Republic to be a part of the Russian Federation?

Then, according to scenario designers, the 'Luhansk People's Republic' should finally join either Ukraine or Russia, but after signing "an interstate agreement and as a new subject of the state."

The self-proclaimed leader of separatists Oleh Tsariov also writes about possible reintegration of such comical quasi-states into Ukraine. "After south-eastern regions, which expressed their wish to join the Luhansk and Donetsk republics, will declare their independence, we will create an independent and sovereign Federation of South-Eastern Republics - Novorossia!"

"Meanwhile, we continue to rely on wise majority of population of central and western Ukraine. They should follow our path and self-determine themselves at the local level. And then we can try to reach agreement about common living within the united state - either federation, or confederation."

Below is the package of draft documents, prepared for separation of the Luhansk region of Ukraine:

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