Russia surrounded Ukraine from three directions. 100,000 troops and over 500 tanks deployed at the border. MAP+PHOTO

Russia has allocated up to 100,000 troops, 550 tanks, 200 combat aircrafts, 140 combat helicopters, over 40 ships and boats, more than 2,000 armored vehicles, and much more military equipment at the border with Ukraine, as well as in the Crimea.

The calculations were made by the Informational Resistance group, which covers the Crimean events, as of 5 a.m. of March 13, Censor.NET reports.

This was announced by Dmytro Tymchuk, head of the Military-political research center, on his Facebook page.

According to the information, Russian troops have surrounded Ukrainian borders from three flanks.

Map of Russian troops allocation along the Ukrainian border.

In Russia-friendly Belarus, Informational Resistance activists have found 48,000 Belarusian troops, 1,500 tanks, up to 2,200 armored combat vehicles, approximately 1,300 artillery systems, up to 125 combat aircrafts, and 20 strike helicopters.

"However, use of Belarusian troops against the Ukrainian army is hardly possible," Tymchuk said.

The Russians have drawn two groups of combatants on the territory of Belarus amounting up to 8,000 soldiers to the northern Ukrainian border.

170 tanks, 520 armored combat vehicles, 120 artillery systems, 40 combat aircrafts, and 20 strike helicopters are concentrated in the same area.


In total, the Russian Armed Forces units along the Ukrainian border constitute the following, including reserves: approximately 80 thousand of personnel (around 2,000 Cossacks are available for additional mobilization); up to 270 tanks; up to 1,980 units of armored combat vehicles; up to 380 units of artillery systems; up to 18 multiple rocket launcher systems; up to 140 combat aircrafts; up to 90 strike helicopters; up to 25 combat ships and vessels. The biggest groups of military personnel and equipment on the territory of Russia are currently deployed on the south and south-east border with Ukraine - in the Rostov and Krasnodar regions.

The disposition of Russian military forces on the territory of Transnistria: around 1,500 Russian soldiers were relocated to the territory of Transnistrian Moldavian Republic. The disposition of Russian military forces on the territory of the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine: up to 40,000 in personnel; up to 20 combat aircrafts; up to 30 strike helicopters; up to 19 battleships.

"Today Russia began the "second stage of exercise" of their military forces, including near the Ukrainian border. It will last, as stated by the Russian Defense Ministry, until the end of March. The fact that the Russians lied about 'training' ending on March 7 was pretty clear. As of yesterday, I couldn`t figure out how they would explain the continuing presence of military forces near the Ukrainian frontier. It appeared that the Kremlin lied with ease: they have just informed about "continuation of the exercise". There is no doubt that this is preparation for an invasion.


"The only question now is whether there will be a command to cross the border," Tymchuk wrote.

Please see an English-language version of the allocation map of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border.

According to Foreign Affairs Ministry of Ukraine, as of March 10, there were 18,780 Russian soldiers in Crimea. The Russian army have blocked and put out of action 40 out of 56 border guard facilities, captured 20, and blocked 46 state infrastructure facilities. In particular, they captured four military units and blocked 37, as reported by "Interfax-Ukraine ".

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