Russian military blocked a Kerch military unit in Crimea. PHOTOS

People in military uniform encircled territory of the military unit A-0669 in Kerch on Sunday.

This is reported by Кerch.FM, Censor.NET informs.

An Ural truck with Russian plates had been driven to the gates of the military unit. The soldiers wear the military uniform of the Russian Federation and say that they are from Russia. Some military with guns have taken up the position along the perimeter of the unit. Currently, they are not undertaking any active moves.

блокада керчьблокада керчьблокада керчь

The military unit in Kerch has been encircled by the Russian military men.

Ukrainian servicemen have placed an APC in front of the gates to the military unit. Anti-tank and automobile barriers are located at the checkpoint.
блокада керчьблокада керчьблокада керчьблокада керчьблокада керчьблокада керчь

Deputy Commander of the marines unit A-0669 Oleksii Nikiforov has informed that the unit commanders talked to the Russian military men who declared they were going to guard the unit together.

"The situation in the unit is under control. There are no outsiders on the territory of the unit. The crew is ready to execute tasks of the commanders. The commander also informed that the rumors that the battalion has surrendered or got disarmed are false. We've got our task as for the equipment protection, they've got their task," Oleksii Nikiforov informed.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p273783