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 Terrible Accident Near Dynamo Base: SUV of Rebrov’s Wife Rammed Lada and Killed Passenger. PHOTOS

March 14 about 10 p.m. an accident resulting in death took place one hundred meters from the base of Dynamo Kyiv . A SUV driven by a spouse of famous football player and coach of Dynamo Serhii Rebrov crashed into Lada.

It is reported by KP Ukraine.

Official details of the tragedy are not announced, it is unknown which of the drivers was responsible for the accident.

According to the correspondent of KP Ukraine, from the impact of the SUV Lada overturned and laid in the middle of the road, broken down.

Serhii Rebrov's wife is on the scene, she was looked at by the EMS. Serhii Rebrov himself was on the scene and got into an argument with journalists.

According to preliminary information, wife of the Lada driver who was sitting in the front seat died in the accident. The driver was taken to hospital critical condition. But it is - preliminary information.

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