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 Ukrainian Opposition Picketed European Council in Brussels. PHOTOS

Today Batkivschyna deputies picketed the Council of Europe on EU-Ukraine during the summit in Brussels.

This was announced on his Facebook page by deputy Oleksandr Bryhynets.

According to him, first the opposition picketed the European Commission with slogans "Ukrainians Share European Values!" and "Free Yulia!", and then moved to the building of the Council of Europe.

"We went over to the Council of Europe, where the summit will take place. A few guards came out who did not let us in, and that's understandable, because we do not have any permits," said Bryhynets. "We want to draw the attention of Europeans to the problems of democracy and selective justice that exist in Ukraine. Brussels residents stop to read our posters, take pictures of us, honk."

According to the deputy, the security personnel defined a place to picket for the Ukrainian opposition.

"Not very convenient - on the side of the entry where Yanukovych will enter," noted Bryhynets.

Later, the deputy reported that the police arrived and tried to disperse the picket.

"To stop our rally, several dozen police officers arrived. We were not detained, but offered to go picket to another place that is not related to the Summit and the Council of Europe. Picketing there makes no sense," wrote Bryhynets.

"As we were hinted by local journalists, the police was not called by the security of the European Council but by the Embassy of Ukraine in Brussels," informed the deputy.

"Как намекнули нам местные журналисты, полиция на "нас" была вызвана не охраной Совета Европы, а посольством Украины в Брюсселе", - сообщает депутат.

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