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 Clashes Continue Near Destroyed Statue of Lenin in Okhtyrka: Communists Throw Eggs, Police Beating Up Deputies. PHOTOS

Clashes between supporters of the Communist Party and Svoboda are continuing in the city of Akhtyrka in Sumy oblast, on Lenin Square.

Rallies of Svoboda and the CPU are taking place in Akhtyrka. The opposing sides gathered at the pedestal on which stood a monument to Vladimir Lenin. This is reported by spokesman of Svoboda youth wing Oleksandr Aronets on his Facebook page.

Conflicts began around 9.20 a.m. Then deputies from the Communist Party Viktoria Babich and Svoboda's Andrii Mohnyk and Ihor Miroshnychenko and about a hundred supporters of Svoboda and Communists each gathered at the pedestal of the monument to Lenin.

Feet of Lenin monument were already gone in the morning. They were lying side by side. Svoboda activists came from Romny, Sumy and Trostianets - mostly young people. They shout slogans "Glory to Ukraine - Death to the enemies," "Hammer and Sickle - Death and Hunger." The Communists are heard chanting "Lenin, Party, Komsomol" and "No to Fascism in Ukarine."

Deputies from the opponents are often conflicting with with each other. Viktoria Babich complained that they sprayed tear gas at her.

The most active among Communists is Viktoria Babih's son. Supporters of the Communist Party tried to throw eggs at Svoboda activists. Mostly they hit the police and Berkut. Law enforcement officials are trying to convince Babich and supporters of her political force not to throw anything at Svoboda and policemen.

"Let them first stop spraying gas," she said.

According to deputy Viktoria Babich, Communists rally will last for 1.5 hours. And when people leave, Lenin will be reinstalled.

"Lenin will be on this site. This I swear to you," said Babich again.

Around 10.30 50 Berkut policemen came and separated the participants. Between them there are sporadic fights.

Also on Lenin Square there are about a hundred policemen.

Supporters of the Communist Party urge to return the monument to the leader of the world proletariat. In addition, they want to declare Svoboda MP Ihor Miroshnychenko persona non grata in the city, for his the leadership in dismantling the monument on February 15.

In his turn, the press-secretary of Svoboda Oleksandr Aronets reports that activists of nationalist political forces did not let the Communists set up a monument to Lenin, driving the builders away from the pedestal. During rallies ideological opponents a fight broke out in which the police intervened.

"The police are here and beating up deputies again. Punching and kicking and pushing," wrote Aronets.

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