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 Kyiv Plurality Deputies Issued Ultimatum to Klitschko: Deadline is March 1. DOCUMENT

MPs from Batkivschyna and Svoboda elected in single-member districts in Kyiv, issued a joint statement in which he issued an ultimatum to Vitali Klitschko. The leader of Udar has until March 1.

Batkivschyna press service publishes the text of the statement


Ukraine MPs elected in single-member constituencies of Kyiv City

We, the deputies of Ukraine, elected in single-member districts of Kyiv, convinced of the need to identify a candidate from the opposition in the elections of Kyiv mayor and are ready to support the candidacy of Vitali Klitschko.

Socio-economic situation in Kiev is critical, and managerial impotence of the authorities does not give a chance for improvement. In the capital there is no government authority Kyiv mayor's powers ended back in 2012, and the city is managed by the head of the Kiev city state administration - the governor of the President who was not elected by Kyiv residents and who is not trusted by them.

Appointed from above Kyiv government behaves as occupational administration. State Budget for 2013 is destroying the financial basis of the capital and creates preconditions for bankruptcy. Total borrowings of Kyiv are more than 10 billion hryvnia, and most payments are to be made in 2015-2016 years. Another year of the current government in Kyiv, and the capital can be given up for debts.

Virtually all urban facilities reminds the roads after winter - hopelessly destroyed are the welfare field, and the scope of capital construction, and utilities.

The majority in the Verkhovna Rada controlled by the regime is sabotaging the elections of city council and mayor of Kyiv because they are fully aware of the lack of support in Kyiv and fear the same scenario of the last parliamentary elections, which in Kiev were not won by any pro-regime candidate.

However, the situation in the Parliament is gradually changing. Opposition factions strictly are demanding personal voting of the deputies. We insist that after the introduction of the personal vote and restoring the parliament work we should resolve the issue of calling the elections in Kyiv. We are confident that soon a majority in the parliament will be formed that feels accountable to its citizens and will vote for the appointment of the elections in the capital.

Opposition forces have a chance of winning the elections in Kyiv, but only if we are united. The nomination and victory of a candidate in the elections of Kyiv mayor is a joint responsibility of all opposition. The experience of the last parliamentary elections and coordinated activities in the Parliament proves - the opposition is able to negotiate and effectively fight with the authorities.

The struggle for the capital against the regime has some history and this is why we recognize the absolute priority of Udar party leader Vitali Klitschko and are ready to support his candidacy in the elections of Kyiv mayor. Nomination of Vitali Klitschko as the common opposition candidate meets the expectations of Kyiv and will guarantee the devastating defeat of the regime in the capital.

Delay or lack of unity in the opposition may lead to defeat. Kyiv residents will not forgive us this. We therefore ask Vitali not to delay the decision to run for mayor of the capital and to confirm his participation in elections by March 1. We also urge the opposition forces in case of his refusal to participate in the elections of Kyiv mayor or absence of a decision to promptly agree to nominate another agreed candidate for mayor.

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