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 Klitschko Demanded Regions Deputy to Apologize for Telling Gerashchenko to Close Her Mouth

Deputy Grigor Kaletnik verbally abused pregnant colleague Iryna Gerashchenko when she was giving a speech in the parliament.

Ukrainian Pravda reports that the incident occurred when Gerashchenko advocated for a decree on the European integration. "You know, I understand that this is not a kindergarten or Institute for Noble Maidens, but what the members of the Party of Regions do shows that people here are like a cursing uncle bobs from a bad joke," outraged Gerashchenko.

"These people are sitting in the front row, and their behavior is not anything like people's deputies. I ask the Regulation Committee to take their behavior under consideration. Those deputies who say words that you will not hear in a barn," she said. She said that she would not repeat these words. "Let them communicate within their own cesspool," said Gerashchenko.

Later Gerashchenko wrote on her Facebook page that Kaletnik said something like "Yeah, go already, do not let her speak, shut her mouth, and so on ..." After the incident Vitali Klitschko came to Kaletnik's seat and had a talk with him. The Regulation Committee and law enforcement agencies did not do anything to Regions member, ex-deputy Petro Melnyk who pushed Gerashchenko out of the polling station last year.

Klitschko told reporters that he had asked Kaletnik to apologize. Photo Lesia Orobets

Hryhorii Kaletnik is the father of Deputy Speaker Ihor Kaletnik, and uncle of another deputy - Oksana Kaletnik. During the election, Kaletnik was accused of using administrative resources regarding students of Vinnitsa Agricultural University who were forced to campaign for the candidate at weekends. In addition, Kaletnik's main competitor was imprisoned in the midst of the election campaign.

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