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 Berkut Stomped People Near Kyiv State Administration. VIDEO + PHOTO

Citizens who came to Kyiv City State Administration today on opposition's appeal to support the draft decision of the city council to cancel the Bazaar building were not allowed into the building.

Batkivschyna press service reports that "Berkut Special Forces men lined up on the stairs in front of the building and do not let anyone inside."


All the doors are locked from inside. Batkivschyna's deputies and city council members are trying to bring people inside to involve them in the discussion of the controversial issue. During the attempt to enter the building there was a collision and several activists were knocked to the ground by Berkut and nearly trampled.

According to a member of Batkivschyna faction Yurii Odarchenko "Popov and Hereha are obliged by law not to resist when considering matters that demand presence of territorial community. This is a direct violation of all the laws and rules of morality."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p227797
Source: Photo Artem Stelmashov