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 Arbuzov Bought Stretchers for the Price of a Car and a Comfort Defibrillator. PHOTO

The National Bank of Ukraine on 11 December upon the tender results concluded an agreement with K.S.R. LLC for the purchase of medical equipment in the amount of 492,000 UAH (60,000 USD).

This is reported in the Journal of Public Procurement, reports Censor.NET.

18 items and pieces of equipment were purchased including Fuego TGR-244 wheel stretcher for 53,335 UAH (before tax) which equals the price of an inexpensive Zaz Sens car.

The R-3 receptacle for the stretchers with the compartment part for storage costs 84,458 UAH.

The most expensive piece is a comfortable version of PRIMEDIC Defi-Monitor XD 10xe M 290 (96928) PRIMEDIC Charger Comfort monitor defibrillator with a charging console - 109,468 UAH.

Taking into account this purchase this year the National Bank purchased medical equipment and a Volkswagen T5 ambulance for the total amount of 2.51 million UAH.

Earlier, the National Bank has purchased for the employees a unit of the shock-wave therapy for 176,000 UAH, spa bath for the lower body with the uro-gynecological underwater massage for 94,000 UAH, patient monitor (pulse oximeter) for 8,000 UAH, etc.

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