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 Another Kolesnikov’s Hyundai Breaks Down. Temperature in Cars Drops to -10 ° C and No Electricity. PHOTO + VIDEO

Intercity train # 149-150 Donetsk-Kyiv has stood for several hours in a field between Donetsk and Kharkiv. According to the passengers the cars were left without electricity or heat.

"It is good that I took second class. There are more people in our car so the temperature is just -5 ° C. In the first class where there fewer people it's -10 ° C," sadly joked another passenger of the broken train Zhulii Yuliia on her Facebook page

According to her, for a long time the train staff did not answer the questions about what happened, and only half an hour ago the passengers were told that by five o'clock the train to be towed to Lozovaia station. When and how will the passengers get to Kyiv is unknown.

In just a few days of winter there have been more than a dozen different breakdowns of Hyundai trains.

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