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 Svoboda Deputies Cut Fence at Verkhovna Rada. PHOTO + VIDEO

The opposition decided to take a break by indulging in physical labor.

Censor.NET correspondent reports that Svoboda deputies got into clashes with the police.

The process is guided by deputies Myroshnychenko and Illenko. Presently two sections of the fence have been cut off. The instigators were joined by artist and deputy Bohdan Beniuk.

His appearance relieved the deputies "We finally tore it off" said they about the actions.

The crowd around the Svoboda deputies is chanting "Death to Nation's Enemies". Near the parliament minor fights with the police occur but with no victims. It is also reported that the State Security officers closed the entrance to the building through the first doorway but because the journalists who ran into the street to keep track of events cannot go back to the parliament and have to be cold without clothes which remains in Rada cloak room.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p226953
Source: Photo and Video by Natalya Sharomova and Ivan Marusenko for Censor.NET