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 Minister of Health Bohatyreva Spent Extra 200,000 on Her Trip to US: Two Bodyguards and a Private Program. PHOTO

During September 18-24 the Minister of Health and the Vice Prime Minister Raisa Bohatyreva spend an annual budget of a couple rural health posts to ensure her comfort in the US.

According to the Ukrainian Pravda, Raisa Bohatyreva flew to America escorted by two bodyguards and a personal camera man. May be the story wouldn't the attention if not for the government's desire to cover it up.

Bohatyreva went to America to meet with several officials - the head of the Department of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, senator Richard Lugar, deputy assistant of the US Secretary of State Dan Russel.

Apart from Bohatyreva and health experts, the following people spent one week at government's expense in Washington: two bodyguards, camera man, her friend Lyudmyla Khariv - former weather woman and show biz programs host and now a Cabinet of Ministry employee responsible for Bohatyreva's public relations.

The reasons for at least 5 people's the presence are doubtful. According to the press, it is only 110,000 UAH (almost 15,000 USD) for plane tickets. Moreover, they spent 6 nights in Washington which is about another 110,000. So that s at least 200,000 UAH without daily expenses.

Somebody may say that 200,000 is not much on a scale of the country but it is about 200 pensions for Ukraine which was spent pointlessly on bodyguard who are unnecessary in the US.

The trip also included a 'private program' on Sunday which delayed Bohatyreva's return for an extra day.

The journalist sent an inquiry to the Minister hoping for her comment regarding the trip of two bodyguards to the United States, the private program, and business class tickets but to no avail.

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