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 Secret Photos of Yanukovych's Legendary Residence: Armoury, Knight Hall, and Chapel with Golden Icon Screen. PHOTOS

Pictures of the most secret and covered up residence in contemporary Ukraine - Yanukovych estate Mezhygorye are published for the first time.

Legendary Honka (Finnish Company) house - a 4-story palace where the President lives - is the largest in the world built from wooden beams.

According to the Ukrainian Pravda, last year Yanukovych showed a group of selected journalists one of the houses in the residence claiming it as his. The trick is that he showed a guest house where he lived until 2011 while Honka was being erected.

That is the house where Yanukovych lives now (wooden building in the top left hand corner of the picture). According to paperwork, the house belongs to the Tantalit Company controlled by the President's family. Previously the palace was on the balance of the Ukraine Revival charity fund - another front for the "Family". But several years ago the property was transferred to Tantalit which hides its real owners in Lichtenstein with transit through Austria and the UK.

The Ukrainian Pravda received these images from a person who was working inside the Honka during the final stages. Our source has managed to bring the phone with a camera through the security and take pictures - they make the hair curl owing to the cost and lack of taste bordering on kitsch.

Honka consists of four levels. There are 4 stories on the side of the "Kiev Sea" (Kiev artificial water reservoir) and two on the facade that faces the entrance to Mezhygirya.

The first floor from the side of the water is huge premises with knight figures in full size. There is also a panel of Roman mosaics. The level also holds Yanukovych's private cinema.

Next floor has guest rooms, bedrooms, restrooms, and stained glass hall.

Next is the zero level or the first floor from the entrance side. It contains the entrance lobby. The main element of the floor is a large hall (200 sq m) which takes two floors. The floor is decorated with incredible and complicated parquet. There is a grand fireplace with the basis made of marble and the rest of carved wood.

Thirty stares of Italian marble lead to the top floor. This is a household area. There are two bedrooms for the President with huge balconies overseeing the water.

But that's not all. In the attic there is a personal chapel with an icon screen made of gold...

According to the source, the palace has a room for Yanukovych's hunting armoury.

The interior of the house is dominated by wood from German Brunold, particularly Lebanese cedar. Special equipment was installed by German experts to make sure the finishings do not get ruined due to subsidence. The custom-ordered furniture was also installed by foreign experts.

It is common knowledge that Yanukovych has ostridges there and the story of a kangaroo escaping a private zoo seems like a joke but it is not.

The scale of Mezhygirya is impressive considering the fact that in peak times over 500 workers a day came through the checkpoint! There were over 100 gardeners. Some crews worked 24 hours a day. Twenty minutes before Yanukovych leaves the residence all workers were told to stay where they were despite all security measures already taken. When Yanukovych came with inspection during the construction the workers had to leave the premises an hour in advance.

This trip to the fantasy world of Yanukovych does not add much to what we know about his taste or lack thereof. However, it does allow us to get an idea of the unbelievable amounts of money that were spent on the place. And most importantly it shows that Yanukovych, even in his wildest dream, does not think that one day he will have to give it all up. Though it all depends on us.

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