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 Road to the House for Budget Funds: Yanukovych, Firtash, Kivalov are Leaders of Embezzlement. PHOTOS

The top list of roads to residences of high ranking and influential people who recently built new roads to their houses for budget funds.

Building roads in Ukraine was always lucrative. The kickbacks in tender procedures are very high and are hard to investigate. And besides making money, you can build them where you need them: to your house, hunting lodge or your native village," writes Our Money.

Official data shows that 90% of the roads need major construction work - any newly built highway is considered a great success. Despite its destination, social and economic efficiency.

Forbes offers a top list of roads that are socially important. For a handful of people.

Demishkan native village

This is definitely #1 on the list. In two years it consumed 190 million hryvnias (23.75 million USD) of budget funds. The road is M12 Stryy-Znamenka. More particularly a part of it between Uman and Kyrovohrad.

In the middle of it there is a village Novoarhangelsk where the current head of Ukravtodor (State Road Agency) was born. And the construction started when he took office in the Spring of 2010.

A good half of the contracts was given to Dor-Stroy company. Demishkan's wife and the son of his deputy were among its founders. After the company was reregistered to Brits and Cyprians their traces are still visible.

In the end 60 km of the highway were substantially improved. It does not sound that bad but consider this - the rest of M-12, and that is over 1,000 km received 125 million...

Presidential Highway to Suholuchchya

One more highway not forgotten by the road workers in the past two years leads to Dneprovsk-Teterev forestry, commonly known as Suholuchchya where Yanukovych goes hunting and resting. The whole forestry was bought by a private company but the state in the person of Ukravtodor remined vigilant - P-02 highway has already cosumed 103 million hryvnias for 40 km of a narrow road. Next year the state plans to fix another 40 km of this road and high-ranking hunters will be able to get to their favorite spot in comfort. As to the rest of the road after the Suholuchchya - there are no tenders for it.

Dmytro Firtash Tomato Highway

Ternopol road to beloved tomatoes of Dmytro Firtash cost Ukrainian taxpayers a pretty penny.

The average repair for Kasperovtsi-Zbruchanske road cost 63.44 million hryvnias. And this is for 8.88 km. In terms of hryvnia per kilometer ratio this is the most expensive road - 7.14 million / km. And it was an emergency - the road had to be built in 3 weeks after concluding the agreement. And they honestly said why: Firtash's native village Sinkov expects the new green houses to start working in Fall and the number of truck will increase. The deal is for Group DF (Firtash) vegetable green houses with a declared pice of $100 million. It should be noted that a few month ago the businessman promised not to take any compensations for construction from the government. Though nobody mentioned roads...

Lyudmyla Yanukovych Apricot Street

There is Abrikosovaya (Apricot) street on the outskirts of Donetsk. Yanukovych used to live here when he was a governor and no his wife lives here. There used to be public transport here since it was the fastest way to residential areas and cancer treatment center.

The noise of the public transport disturbed sombody and it was sent on a detour together with trolleybus wires. This transfer cost 25 million hryvnias.

This year 8.22 million was allocated for capital repair of the street itself.

Lavrynovych Town House Road

Village roads are seldom fixed. But theu somtemies get lucky. Minister of Justice Oleksandr Lavrynovych was a lucky one. The Road Agency decided to fix the road leading to Plyuty village. And even though there are only 75 people living there the budget allocated 25.56 million for 8.5 km of the road.

It might be a coincidence that this place is the home for Minister Lavrynovych, former head of Presidential Secretariat Oleh Rybachuk, one of the Pechersk court judges and other officials. They will definitely get to work faster now which should be cosidered a benefit forthe government.

Kivalov Path. From the House to the SPA

This Odessa road cost a laughable 2.05 million. But the question is not how much but from where to where? In reality the road starts from the Dracula Castle (the people's name for Kivalov's residence) and leads to 5-star hotel and health resort complex Maristella Club. The length is 500 m - the price for a kilometer would be 4.10 million which is more than it cost to build international highway Lviv-Krakovets.

Crimean State Residences - Yanukovych's Summer Mezhygirya

This year the Crimean state residences in Foros ordered the construction of a helipad for 10 million. And before the money was spent on the roads leading to the residences. In October of 2011 6.54 million were allocated for building the off ramps from P-16 road. This is the place where Yanukovych likes to celebrate his birthday.

Of course, the list is not complete.

And besides personal use, there are other lucrative reasons for building roads. Last year Yenakievo (Yanukovych's native town) spent 10 million for repairing two roads - Yanukovych was planning to use them during his visit.

And there is always elections - politicans often claim the road construction as their achievement even though tens of millions were spent on it from the budget.

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