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 Improvement for the Family: in Two Years Yanukovych's Donetsk Residence Became Twice the Size it was. PHOTOS

Along with business success, in two years of his father's presidency Oleksandr Yanukovych increased the territory of the family residence in Budenovsk district of Donetsk.

After two years we can compare how the life improved (key word in the Party of Regions election campaign where they promise the improvement for Ukrainians) in regard to real estate, writes Ostrov.

In 2010 deputies of Donetsk city council sold 1,610 sq m of premises and 7,373 sq m of land to Oleksandr Yanukovych at a price three times lower than the market one - for 244,375 UAH and 1,080,184 UAH respectiively (30,000 and 135,000 USD).

A year later the deputies sold another plot of land - no details were revealed.

And in March of this year the deputies decided to sell another plot of land in secret. The document in this regard contained only initials whereas the others contain names of buyer. The document did not even specify the street where the land was sold or the price for which 492 sq m will be sold. Which did not stop 60 out of 67 deputies voting aye.

So what is the result of the Family's expansion? (if that is the end of it). Besides the city council's sessions, we used two sources to determine it: satellite pictures and testimonies of the neigbors and construction workers.

If you compare old and new satellite images you can see that Yanukovych's territory grew twice.

The first image shows the borders in September 2010.

And this is how it looks now. Blue color shows the plots obtained in the past two years.

The expansion took place through buying unoccupied land and the lands of the neighbors. According to sources one of them cost 2 million dollars. Which did not stop the President's son from demolishing both houses and planting his beloved pines. In one of the plots service premises and a kitchen were built (plot 6).

Lion's share was provided by the territory that use to be adjacent (or belonged to) the Botanical Garden (plots 7 and 9). Plot 7 is already planted with pines and a new fence is being built.

Plot 9 is just bordered with fence and is patrolled by police car at night.

Plot 8 has a new gas substation.

The city workers have specifically cut-back the area to improve visibility for security purposes.

A couple of hundred meters were added on the other side. Plot 5 has a security building. The old one in plot 1 was demolished and pine tress were planted. Plot 2 now has pines as well as dog cages.

A permanent shooting range made of concrete wsbuilt there according to the construction workers. All this is protected by a fence that reachs as high as 7 meters.

The construction is done by a large company belonging to Yugoslavian Goran Radich that also built Yanukovych's Stolichnyy business center.



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