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 'Dictator Yanukovych Shall be in Prison', New York Ukrainians 'Greeted' the President. PHOTOS

Ukrainian Diaspora of New York greeted Ukrainian President Yanukovych with protests.

The protest took placs near the permanent mission of Ukraine to the United Nations, reports Censor.NET.

'Yanukovych and Putin's Gang Declared War on Ukrainian People', 'Dictator Yanukovych Shall be in Prison and not on the UN Podium', 'Return Democracy to Ukraine by Sending Dictator Yanukovych and his Gangsters to Russia' - posters of tens of Ukrainians who came to 'greet' Yanukovych.

One of the main demands - resignation of Yanukovych.

The participants were singing Ukrainian songs and shouting patriotic slogans.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p218569
Source: Photo by Ronya Lozynskiy