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 Opposition Candidate's Election Agent Attacked and Stabbed with a Knife. PHOTO

Maksym Shurko, an election agent of the United opposition candidate Dmytro Andriievskyi was beaten and stabbed with a knife.

Censor.NET was informed about the incident by civil activist Zorian Shkiriak.

According to him, in the course of the day district 222 (Solomenskiy district of Kiev) has seen a number of lawless acts aimed at activists of Dmytro Andriievskyi. Thugs came to the tents of the candidate, showed an unknown document calling it 'court order' and tried to take away campaign products.

There were several assaults on the tents, and when requested to identify themselves one of the assailants called himself a representative of Maksym Lutskyi charity fund (ruling party candidate). When the activists called the police the people went away. In the end these thugs assaulted a girl who is in hospital at the moment.

In the evening, in Muzychi village Maksym Shurko, an election agent of the United opposition candidate Dmytro Andriyevskyi was attacked. "There were four attackers, Maksym's face is disfigured, there is a huge wound on his thigh," stated Shkiriak. "The ambulance and the law enforcement took their time - they came only in an hour."

Candidate Dmytro Andriievskyi and deputy Andrii Pavlovskyi are on the scene right now. They relate the incident exclusively to politics."

According to the opposition press service, four strong built men stopped the car with the election agent and a driver, broke the window and pulled out the passengers. After that they were severely beaten and stabbed several times. The attackers also has a gas canister and Molotov cocktails but they did not manage to use them. As the result of the beating the candidate's agent is unconscious in hospital. The driver is also heavily injured.

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