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 Ukrainian President did not Answer Kwasnewski's Question about Tymoshenko, while Rice did not Talk or Take Pictures with Him. PHOTOS

President Viktor Yanukovych did not answer the question about selective justice in Ukraine and stated that ... there is no inflation in Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian Pravda, Alexander Kwasnewski residing at the Yalta European Strategy Forum asked Yanukovych the following question:

"This year we have contradicting feelings. On the one hand, we need to salute the Association Agreement but we have a problem with political circumstances - the selective justice, the Tymoshenko case... Here is my question to you - how do you plan to manage these problems and open a new chapter of negotiations with EU after the elections?"

Replying Yanukovych noted: "We will keep on the path we took and announced - the path of reforms, modernization. We have been going this way for 2.5 years and we see that this path benefits the Ukrainian people."

After that Kwasnewsky asked him to continue the answer: "May be you can provide some details of your strategy," he asked.

After that Yanukovych recounted that during his presidency the Tax, Budget and Criminal Procedure Codes were adopted.

"Shall I continue?" asked Yanukovych who seemed eager to end the speech. After that he talked about economics.

The audience: Kliuiev, Tigipko, Rice (reading her papers), Pinchuk

"The hryvnia is stable today. There is no inflation. There is small deflation," stated Yanukovych.

"Thank you, Mr. President, after your speech I understand that there are two problems for all countries and not only Ukraine - national debt decrease and democracy deficit," noted Kwasnewsky.

During the conference there was a guard with an umbrella behind Viktor Yanukovych... It is peculiar considering that the weather in Yalta is sunny. Erdogan's security did not have any umbrellas.

After the conference Yanukovych had another unpleasant moment. After the conclusion by residing Kwasnewsky the Turkish Prime Minister was approached by the former Secretary of the State Condoleezza Rice. Yanukovych looked at her but she did not do so much as greet him.

Moreover, for reasons unkown Rice did not come for a group photo of the conference participants. Due to the fact, the organizers asked the photographers to wait. When everyone lined up there were question "Where is Condoleezza Rice?". The answer came from the organizer of the event Viktor Pinchuk: "She will join us after the elections". Eventually the photographing was done without Rice.

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