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 Police did not let Ambulance go Through to Dying Man Because of Yanukovych: You are a Stupid Idiot. The President is There. PHOTOS

The Police was overzealous due to the President's visit to Dnipropetrovsk - even the ambulances were not let through.

The incident is being discusses on the city forum gorod.dp.ua.

"Starokadakskaia street near the airport. The police does not let an ambulance go through," writes one of the users.

Photos by forum user Nochka

According to the witness, the traffic policeman was shouting at the ambulance driver: "he cursed at him a lot and said something like "I don't give a sh#t you stupid idiot, the President is there..." The driver says: "There is a man dying there". You should have heard the argument. The traffic policemen is thickheaded. He has an order and he does not care about other things. I wish that the relatives of the people who blocked the ambulance were in the place of the dying person," concludes the user.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p217313