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 Not Worse Than Yanukovych: Donetsk Traffic Paralyzed Due to Azarov's Visit. PHOTOS

Due to the visit of Prime Minister Azarov on September 7, the traffic movement on the central streets in Donetsk will be limited.

"Due to special measures the traffic movement will be periodically limited during the day...", informs the Donetsk Oblast Traffic Police.

Traffic Police recommends drivers to "be more attentive behind the wheel, move at the safe speed, strictly observe the traffic rules in overtaking, changing lanes, passing the crossroads, implicitly obey the light and sound signals of the special transport, the demands of the traffic policemen, and park in the designated areas only".

The drivers are also asked to adjust their routes in accordance with the provided information.

The traffic policemen have been patrolling the central streets since the morning. In many places where the residents used to park their cars they are asked to park elsewhere.

On September 7, within the framework of Donbass Liberation Day celebrations, Azarov is planning to visit Saur Grave near Snezhnoie town (WWII Memorial). He will also take part in ceremonial opening of a park and a swimming pool in Petrovsk rayon of Donetsk.

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