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 Yushchenko's State Residence: the Shame of Ukraine Lives at Our Expense. PHOTO

"We need to understand Yushchenko - the family has financial troubles. Now I understand why Yushchenko does not move out of the state residence".

The Ukrainian Pravda journalist Sergey Leschenko is mocking the former president on his blog:

On September 1 his wife Kateryna stated that they are just about to do the following: "We are moving to a new house and there is lots of work to do there. Of course I leave all technical things to my husband..."

But a year has passed since then and Yuschenko is still living in the presidential residence and giving advertisement interviews from time to time.

We need to understand that what is officialy called a "state dacha" is not a small house. It is a complex of buildings, the main one being a small palace of about 1,000 sq. m (3,280 sq. f). It is a residence with a swimming pool, marble hall and other things meant for the head of state. And the residence is taken care of by a number of employees who receive salary from the state budget. Yushchenko stuck to the residence for obvious reasons - if he moves to his private one what is he going to leave his children?

Look at the declaration of candidate deputy Oleksiy Khakhliov. His wife is the eldest child of Yushchenko. According to her declaration, Vitalina has nothing besides an apartment and her husband has a very modest 5-year old Mitsubishi Grandis.

His total income last year constituted 146 thousand hryvnias. Vitalina did not make a penny.

By the way, in her time Vitalina received education in the prestigious Institute of International Relations at the expense of a government bank. If you look back, it is obvious that the money invested in her education could have been put to a better use. For example, to finance some student from a poor family...

But let's get back to the declaration. The president's daughter with her husband and four children live in a 69 sq.m. apartment and have a current income of less than two thousand dollars a month. Don't you think it's funny?

But Vitalina's husband has a sense of humour.

Calling on his voters, Oleksiy Khakhliov promises: "as a deputy I will give up my salary, my benefits and immunity...".

The family already has money problems and hard living conditions and he is taking away their hopes of a deputy's salary and a government apartment.

But it seems we heard this slogan of "giving up all benefits" somewhere. O, yeah. I remember: it was Vitalina's father on Maidan. But the state residence turned out to be closer to heart...

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