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 Lyashko Threatens a Political Analyst: Are You Scared to Talk to Me? I Will Kick Your F#@ing Ass When I See You! PHOTO

Infamous Rada deputy Oleg Lyashko has threatened a well-known political expert Sergey Gayday in a phone conversation using curse words.

The reason for the dispute was Gayday's post on Facebook regarding the expose on Lyashko's party. The expert noted that, judging by the amount of advertisement, Lyashko has some serious sponsors close to the current regime, reports Censor.NET.

Two boards of Lyashko: original advertisementt and a mock up saying "Look, Boris, what I bought in a sex shop" referring to Lyashko's revelations of having sex for career and financial improvement.

"Judging by the scale of a year-long information campaign and a large number of outdoor ads, the investors allocate substantial funds for this. In today's Ukraine only large financial-industrial groups close to the regime can afford it. But why would you promote a politician whose fame started from the video of him admitting to the police interrogator that he f#@ed with powerful men to stimulate his career and finances? The society has unanimous antagonism against this person. And this is what's valuable! It is a wonderful material to create a sort of Devaluator or Demotivator or you could say Canalizator. This instrument can have differenet names. And now when they made him famous and created a a suitable political ground - the Radical party (and radical actions work the best here) he can be used as a weapon. And a very selective and efficient weapon at that. Lyashko can devaluate any idea, any movement or any politician, if he hugs him/her or it, heads or just stands near. My idea about where the money comes from is probably right. Look at the movements and ideas that this personality has headed, supported, participated in, and, correspondingly, canalisated (turned to sewage) in the past year. Chernobyl victims, countrymen, pensioneers, Afghan veterans, teachers, supporters of the Ukrainian language. Everybody who opposed this regime and could cause reputational inconvenience for this power", wrote Gayday.

According to the politicial analyst, Lyashko's slogans include all social demands that shall and must be used by the opposition and other protest movements. "But when this dummy wearing vyshyvanka (traditional cloths) and holding a pitchfork with his gay-prostitute past stands near them - all these ideas are instantly devaluated and canalizated", noted Gyday.

The next after the post was published Lyashko called the expert and threatned him using coarse language.

Print screen of a text message from Lyashko's cell phone number: Are you scared to talk to me? I will kick your f#@ing ass when I see you! F#@king faggot, you will spend the rest of your life in court.

Gayaday wrote on his page, "Just got a call from Lyashko. Somebody gave him my number. He was cursing. Called me names and threatened me. I had to end the conversation. I mean, there is no sense arguing with him. Then I received a text message from him: "Are you scared to talk to me? I will kick your f#@ing ass when I see you! F#@king faggot, you will spend the rest of your life in court". I guess Mr. Lyashko reads Facebook. He gets offended. And the level of this radical politician's conversation civility is high. He is terrible in his anger".

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p215774