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 Eggs Thrown at the Communist Leader in Crimea by Tatars. PHOTOS

The Communist Party leader Petr Simonenko met with his voters in Crimea. The Tatars tried to disrupt the event.

Eggs were thrown at the Communist and he was commonly referred to as fascist, reports NR2.

On the central Lenin's square in Simferopol the Communist leader gathered around a thousand of his followers. Simonenko brought his own brass band, stage and security from Kiev. His speech was preceded by his Crimean comrade - the leader of the Crimean branch of the party Oleg Solomahin.

Bourgeois Simonenko is asked to protest against the bourgeois

Around 30 Crimean Tatars gathered among the communists including Refat Chubarov, Ahtem Chiygoz, Kurtseit Abdullayev and others.

The police announced the Tatar protest illegal and unregistered in the city council. The representatives of Majlis tried to break through to the stage but were surrounded by the special police forces. They ended up shouting "Fascist!" and throwing eggs from behind the red berets.

Majlis people came prepared - they were holding banners reading "No to Rebirth of Stalinism!", "Simonenko Get Out of Crimea!", "Bring Simonenko to Justice!" as well as Crimean-Tatar flag.

Simonenko talking about the size of future pensions

Simonenko and Solomahin were surrounded by their assistants with umbrellas to protect them from egg attacks.

Eggs flew at Chubarov's command - the leader of Communists escaped.

To avoid any provocations there was another group of special forces behind the stage and the square was controlled by K-9 officers.

Despite having a loud speaker, the Crimean Tatars did not manage to silence Simonenko.

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