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 Kharkov Is Cleansed of the Language Picket and Opposition Ads in Preparation for the Presidential Visit. PHOTO

In light of the President's visit to Kharkov the central street was cleaned of unwanted elements.

According to Kharkov's Glavnoe website, all political ads were taken down, except, of course, the greetings from Yanukovych and Kernes (Kharkov mayor) and election ads of the Party of Regions and Communists.

Moreover, the language picket near Shevchenko monument was not in place today.

Today Viktor Yanukovych will view the new monument on the Constitution square, visit the Central park, and hold a meeting with officials in Kharkov Oblast State Administration.

In view of the President's visit, the local traffic police asked the drivers to avoid going downtown due to possible traffic jams.

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