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 Language Battle at the Nikolayev City Council - Smoke Bombs and Arrests. PHOTO

Today several pickets of the Ukrainian and Russian language supporters took place near the Nikolayev City Council.

The most numerous group supports the granting of the regional status to the Russian language, reports News-N.

Thus, 20 people from the Russian Block were later joined by about 100 from the Party of Regions.

The protesting group of about 100 people includes Batkivschyna, Svoboda and Ukrainian People's Party activists.

Amidst the language debates the anti trash picket went unnoticed.

Various slogans can be heard on the Lenin's square ("Russian is our native Tongue!", "Glory to Ukraine!"), sirens are on and the representatives of the language pickets are shouting and accusing each other.

The police eventually let the defenders of the language law onto the square in front of the city council. This outraged Svoboda representatives who tried to break through the police cordons but with no success.

Smoking bombs were then thrown to the square and a serious fight broke out between the law enforcement officers and the supporters of Ukrainian.

Berkut special team has detained several Svoboda offenders and pushed two of them to the ground. Both detainees were taken inside the city council building and will apparently be taken to the police station from there.

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