Fire Blaze in Elite Houses in Odessa - Residences of Judges and a Deputy. PHOTO

A large-scale fire in the Odessa resort district damaged several private houses including those of judges and a deputy.

The fire started between the 8th and 9th stations of the Big Fountain, reports Comments.

According to the Ministry of Emergencies, a call was received at 23:56, August 19, saying that there were private houses on fire on Urozhaynaya street. When the first fire trucks arrived at the scene, the fire had already spread to the roof of the house for 5 families and was threatening the nearby houses. 10 fire-fighting and special units and 48 people were dispatched to the scene.

The fire started in the private house on Urozhaynaya, 8. According to Odessa Oblast Emergency Personnel, the owners did not call the fire brigade right away but tried to put out the fire by themselves.

"This negligence combined with strong wind have led to insant spreading of the fire throughout the roof covering four private houses. The fire brigade had to fight the fire and simultaneously protect 5 adjacent houses located too close to each other", says the statement of the Emergency Ministry.

As the result, a roof for four houses was damaged while the house property on 200 sq. m. and five more houses were saved from the fire.

The residents of the house where the fire started suffered minor injuries and did not resort to medical help.

The witnesses say that there are 4 damaged houses including the dwellings of judges and a deputy. Also, the residents say the rescue services could not approach one of the houses beacuse it was located in the middle of the block. According to eye-witnesses, a gas tank blew up in on of the houses.

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