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 I Left the House to the Cat – Babushka Ad Memes. Part 2. PHOTOS

Censor.NO presents another set of Internet memes on the subject of the now famous cat and grandma.

I recalled that they will come for me soon like in 1917, so I re-registered everything to the cat

Vitya, I know everything


Did your grandson vote? I am just interested where the line for the houses starts.

Cat is not for sale. He has a house.

Ukraine for cats

Found out that the grandson voted for Regions. Now I can't calm down the cat.

Come to Maidan wearing a cat mask on August 24 - lets' celebrate!

I found out that grandma left the house to the cat, so I was overwhelmed.

I found out that grandma voted for communists.

Sergey Mavrodi - "How to leave your house to the cat" (Ex head of MMM - the biggest Ponzi Scheme in the post-Soviet history)

I found out about the ad - left Dnepropetrovsk oblast to the cat

The Party of Regions: with us in power even cats have a house.

I did not see any cat

About that house…

Do you like cats?

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p214947