No NABU member faces detention, agency Chief Sytnyk says

National Anti-Corruption Bureau Director Artem Sytnyk says no agency employee will be detained in the case of State Migration Service official entrapment attempt.

As reported by Censor.NET, the law enforcer said following a meeting with Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko.

"The incident that was covered by the media indeed took place. The incident concerns one of the undercover investigations conducted by the NABU. This probe was conducted in the State Migration Service. One of the suspects in this investigation gave a press conference today. This operation was initiated in spring, while tons of evidence of illegal actions has been collected so far. And yesterday's incident - the investigation of the PGO and SBU - has actually put an end to this operation. As for the future of those probes and NABU employees, it was determined that no one will be arrested, no NABU member will be placed in custody," he said.

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On Nov. 29, the press office of the State Migration Service reported detention of the NABU member - the son of the former member of the Party of Regions Yurii Boiarskyi - while trying to bribe First Deputy Head of the State Migration Service of Ukraine Dina Pimakhova. NABU later said that the PGO and SBU unlawfully intervened in the undercover operation. The SBU conducted a search and seizure operation in the NABU on the same day.

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