Ukraine’s interior minister deems Minsk deal dead, no longer worth talking about


Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov believes that the Minsk agreements are no longer efficient, thereby making it necessary to adopt another version of agreements aimed at resolving the situation in the Donbas.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Interfax-Ukraine, the official said Tuesday speaking at National expert forum held in Kyiv.

"I believe that the Minsk agreements are dead and are no longer worth talking about. The Minsk accords should be commended for their role as a cease-fire mechanism," Avakov said.

According to the minister, the Minsk deal was once efficient in reducing the number of battle casualties among the Ukrainian servicemen.

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"Can the Minsk agreements be implemented under an operable mechanism to achieve peace and resolve the conflict? I am deeply convinced that they cannot, much less in the manner the Russian Federation is trying to interpret these arrangements," he said.

Avakov says the agreements could be reached in Vienna, Paris, or elsewhere "but they must clearly state the basic principles currently discussed by all the politicians."

These principles include the complete withdrawal of all Russian military formations from Ukraine's territory; control over Ukraine-Russia border in conjunction with peacekeepers as proposed by President Poroshenko; the introduction of Ukrainian judicial authorities in the occupied territory of the Donbas and Crimea, holding elections. "It makes no difference to me as a politician who will win these elections.... What is more important is that we will restore the rule of law there," he said.

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Avakov also called for the adoption of a law on collaborators whose immunity should directly correlate with their involvement in violence against the Ukrainian soldiers.

"If a person involuntarily or by one's weakness cooperated with the local administrations, then there is room for reconciliation and we must accept that we have turned this page," he added.

The interior minister is also convinced that the Donbas can be liberated in the following way: "The peacekeepers along with the Ukrainian troops should take control of the internationally recognized Ukrainian border. All units of the Russian Federation should leave Ukraine's territory taking all these semi-criminal organizations with them... The judicial authorities operating exclusively within Ukraine's legislative and legal fields, not people's militias or some additional courts, should be introduced there later."

Avakov says if these steps are implemented, the time of "the tactics of small steps" will come when every step must prove to citizens of Ukraine living in the Donbas that "it is better for them to live with Ukrainian government rather than under the occupation regime."

He also added that this path will require immense financial investments "amounting to 20-30 billion and it will take years, from five to 10, to walk the path of rehabilitation."

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As reported, Russian Presidential Representative Surkov accepted only three of 29 paragraphs on Donbas war settlement proposed by the U.S. Special Envoy Volker at a meeting in Belgrade on Nov. 1.

On Sept. 5, Russian President Putin said deployment of U.N. peacekeepers in the Donbas was quite appropriate for solving of the conflict in the region, but only along the line of contact and with the aim of protecting the OSCE mission.

Ukraine's representative in Humanitarian subgroup of the Tripartite contact group in Minsk talks, deputy speaker of Ukrainian parliament Iryna Herashchenko commented on Putin's statement and said the Kremlin scenarios will fail; peacekeepers must be introduced across all Russia-occupied territories.
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