US Special Envoy Volker: Active fighting in Ukraine very likely to continue a year from now


Kurt Volker, the Trump administration’s special envoy charged with ending the war in Ukraine, says prospects for peace are so dim he reckons it’s very likely that active fighting will continue a year from now in Ukraine.

The ambassador said in an interview for The Global Politico, Censor.NET reports.

Volker dwelled on just how troubled relations are with Russia these days despite Donald Trump's hoped-for reconciliation, how the several rounds of talks he's held with a top Putin adviser have not yet made any progress, and what it's like to be a special envoy for a secretary of state who's vowed to get rid of them.

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Overall, he said, prospects for peace are so dim he reckons it's very likely that active fighting will continue a year from now in Ukraine.

Asked by a correspondent for Politico how likely, Volker said: "I'd say it's at least 80 percent. There's a chance that there won't be, but the most likely scenario is that this continues."

Volker's version is what just about any U.S. administration's view of Russia and the Ukraine conflict would have been. And it's pretty much consistent with that of others inside the Trump administration: deeply critical of Putin and certainly not swayed by him; concerned that little or no progress can be made on key issues and that the bottom in U.S.-Russia relations has not yet been reached after this past year's election hacking, tit-for-tat spying accusations, diplomatic expulsions and consulate closure.

The ambassador said Trump himself is now on board with this version of his Russia policy, if only because Putin's moves have been so confrontational. "Russia brings it on," Volker said. "That's what the president always says: We would like to get along with Russia. But what Russia is doing makes it really hard."

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