Odesa region Governor Stepanov bails out activist charged with rioting


Governor of the Odesa region Maksym Stepanov posted a bail for Serhii Sternenko indicted for involvement in mass unrest in Odesa on Nov. 18.

As reported by Censor.NET, the official explained that his move was just a normal "human reaction to injustice."

"I want my position to be clear and transparent:
"1. this was my human reaction to the injustice. 600,000 hryvnia (about $22,500) in bail imposed against the person who clashed with police officers and 128,000 hryvnia in bail for whose responsible for the fire in Viktoria camp that claimed lives of children, where's the justice in that?
"2. I reiterate: I do not and will never support violence in this initially peaceful rally. However, I understand perfectly what has caused such violent actions. The reason is outrageous; the protest is adequate; the form of protest is unacceptable!
"3. I consider our police to be guardians of the security and totally disagree with those critical of the law enforcement over the Summer Theater situation. The presence of numerous policemen foiled plans to bring thugs to the rally in the City Garden and stage carnage between them and the Summer Theater defenders.
"4. I, for one, make every effort for the Summer Theater to become an integral part of the City Garden. The Odesa founders granted the garden to the city not for the profit of dishonest dealers. They were creating a beautiful city. And the city must remain beautiful," he wrote.

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On Nov 18, protesters clashed with the law enforcers during a rally against the construction of a high-rise building near the Summer Theater in the Odesa City Garden. The police said more than 20 law enforcers received injuries.

Two activists charged with mass riots in the Summer Theater were later placed in a two-month pre-trial detention. Serhii Sternenko was arrested with the right to post 600 thousand hryvnia in bail. Demian Hanul, another activist, was arrested without the right to be bailed out. Activist Ihor Rezun who is also charged with rioting will be tried Nov. 27.

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