Plotnitsky resigns for health issues caused by old injuries, concussion, - ‘LPR’ terrorists’ statement


Leader of self-styled terrorist organization ‘Luhansk People’s Republic’ (‘LPR’) Igor Plotnitsky allegedly voluntarily resigned for health reasons.

Censor.NET reports citing the 'LPR' terrorists-run media.

"Igor Plotnitsky resigned for health reasons today: his ill health was caused by numerous combat injuries, concussion. According to his decision, I assume office of the head of the republic until the upcoming elections," said 'LPR' member Leonid Pasechnik, who was appointed acting head of the terrorist organization.

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He added that Plotnitsky "is a signatory of the Minsk agreements and today he was appointed LPR's envoy on implementation of the Minsk peace deal."

"I also declare my commitment to the Minsk agreements," Pasechnik said.

According to the report, the so-called "authorities" in the occupied Luhansk region continue operating as usual.

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On Nov. 21, the 'green men' cordoned off the heart of occupied Luhansk in violation of 'LPR' leader Plotnitsky's order to lay down arms.

As reported, the members of the self-styled republic's 'Interior Ministry' arrested all the 'Prosecutor General's Office' employees. A total of 20 members of the agency were arrested including 'Prosecutor General' Vitaly Podobry, 'Military Prosecutor' Sergei Rakhno and their 'deputies.' The detainees were taken to the building of the 'people's council.' Other sources said the 'LPR Prosecutor General's Office' was stormed by the combined task force of the 'LPR Interior Ministry' and the Russian mercenaries from the 'Donetsk People's Republic'-based ('DPR') Vityaz detachment.

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The 'prosecutors' were arrested after sacked 'interior minister' Igor Kornet, who challenged his dismissal, offered 'LPR' terrorists' leader Plotnitsky to hand over the 'prosecutor general,' the 'military prosecutor general,' and their 'deputies' as well as 'LPR secretariat head' Irina Teitsman, 'LPR security service' chief Yevgeny Seliverstov and head of the 'LPR State Broadcasting Company' Anastasia Shurkaeva. Plotnitsky refused to hand these persons over despite Kornet's allegations that these individuals were involved in subversive activities and espionage in favor of Ukraine.
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