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 Ukrainian businessman Alperin charged with attempting to give $800,000 in bribe to NABU detective, - source


The members of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) and the Major Fraud Investigation Directorate of the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) indicted well-known businessman Vadym Alperin charged with attempting to give $800,000 in bribe to a NABU detective.

A source in the law enforcement agency familiar with the matter told Censor.NET that the operatives were trying to establish businessman's whereabouts and detain him.

The NABU press service earlier said that the bribe was proposed for cessation of investigation into the case under which the law enforcers had previously seized about 450 million hryvnia from the firms controlled by this person.

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State Fiscal Service Chief Myroslav Prodan earlier said that the members of his agency and NABU detectives carried out successful operation followed by court attachment imposed on 450 million hryvnia confiscated from the smugglers.

"450 million hryvnia seized from two dozen Odesa-based importing companies controlled by one of the most famous smugglers of Ukraine were attached as a result of the joint operation late last week.... This was an unusual operation. These Odesa-based shell companies are under protection of an influential clan of smugglers running billion-dollar businesses, which members managed to strike hand and operate under any government. We were the first who started to systematically destroy this large-scale illicit practice," Prodan wrote on Facebook.

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According to him, the customs officers collected and handed to the law enforcers all the evidence on tax evasion scheme with senior officials of judicial branch involved in it.

Censor.NET made enquiry to the NABU to find out more details of the special operation. The press service refused to disclose additional information referring to secrecy of the ongoing investigation.
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