Georgian Legion Commander Mamulashvili accuses deported Nadiradze of leaking intelligence to enemy


Deported volunteer soldier Vano Nadiradze was expelled from the Georgian Legion before the detachment joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Commander of the Georgian Legion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Mamuka Mamulashvili wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"I started unveiling Nadiradze's dishonesty long time ago and repeatedly wrote about it on Facebook. Those who have been following my posts closely long enough should recall this. This person was indeed a member of the Georgian Legion. It was back in the time when we were an ordinary volunteer detachment not associated with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He was then feeding the enemy information on the detachment's manpower and hardware, personal data of its members, etc. Once we understood this, we banished him from the detachment. If anyone wants more details, I am ready to meet and dwell on it," he wrote.

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He also added that this applied only to Nadiradze and had nothing to do with other deportees: "I meant and I'm talking about this person specifically."

As reported, veteran of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) Nadiradze was detained in Kyiv on Nov. 17. Nadiradze already evaded one attempt to deport him in June 2017 thanks to public outcry and rallies in his support. Unaffiliated MP Yurii Derevianko earlier said the ATO volunteer and three other Georgian nationals were brought to Kyiv airport and faced deportation from Ukraine.

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The SBU said that eight foreign citizens were deported from Ukraine to Georgia. According to Derevianko four of them were ATO volunteer soldier Nadiradze, cameraman Tamaz Shavshishvili, National Guard instructor Mamuka Abashidze and Zurab Tsintsadze - a former body guard of Georgia's ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili.

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