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 Individuals detained with loads of explosives in Kyiv were earlier banished from protesters' camp outside parliament, - MP Bereziuk


The persons detained with 6.5 kg of explosives in Kyiv were a week earlier kicked out from the tent camp established by the protesters outside the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Samopomich faction Chairman Oleh Bereziuk told a briefing following Coordination Board responding to a question on attempts to remove Yehor Soboliev (Samopomich faction MP) from the post of the head of the Rada's Committee on Corruption Prevention and Counteraction, the parliamentary correspondent for Censor.NET reports.

"Yehor Soboliev is under attack as the one who made the anti-corruption committee to firmly hold to its principles. The majority of the committee members support Soboliev's dismissal. How do they explain their stance? I believe it is due to the fact that Soboliev protects the rights of those holding peaceful rally on Hrushevskoho Str. thus stabilizing the situation, instead of steering the pot.

"Did you know that those individuals who were seized six kilos of explosives yesterday had been identified and expelled from the protesters camp on Hrushevskoho Str. a week ago? Their mission was probably to discredit this peaceful rally, which for the first time in the modern history of the country did not call on to overthrow this or that regime, the president, government or parliament to resign," Bereziuk said.

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Asked who initiated Soboliev's removal from his post, the MP said: "This will be done with the hands of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction members."

Bereziuk also said the attempts to remove Soboliev were linked to his consistent efforts to establish the Anti-Corruption Court and preserve e-declaration: "Thanks to his efforts, the Anti-Corruption Court got on the radar of the IMF for the first time in the Fund's history."

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Earlier, the law enforcers seized explosives found in a Volkswagen parked outside a shopping mall in Kyiv on Nov. 12. Examining the vehicle, the police found in its trunk a backpack with five TNT bars weighing a total of 6.5 kg, and 10 electric fuses.

Even earlier, a protest with a request to hold a political reform in Ukraine started on Oct. 17 at Verkhovna Rada building in Kyiv. Organizers of the protest say the key demands are to change the system of election in Ukraine, including a shift to proportional election system with open candidates list, restriction of political advertising on TV, creation of anti-corruption court, and restriction of parliamentary immunity.

Former Odesa governor Mikheil Saakashvili said that if the MPs do not fulfill the protesters' demands on Oct. 17, some of them might stay at the Rada building for indefinite protest. SBU reported earlier it had prevented a possible provocation during Oct. 17 mass events in Kyiv.

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